25 piece Traditional Tray            Serves 8 - 10 people

                    $28.00.  Shipping included 


Chocolate Fudge Wreath

50 piece Traditional Tray.        Serves 16 - 20 people

                $42.00  includes shipping.

Deluxe Pastry Tray

Fudge Wreath

100 Piece Deluxe Tray          Serves 30-35 people

                          $77.00     Shipping included


Cut  Out  Cookies

A full two pounds of delicious homemade fudge inside a chocolate wreath.
Available in your choice of 3 flavors - Chocolate, Peanut Butter, or Chocolate Walnut

$37.00  Shipping included

Holiday and Christmas Desserts

100 Piece Traditional Tray         Serves 30-35 people

                $67.00.  Shipping included

50 Piece Deluxe Tray.              Serves 16 - 20 people

                            $48.00.   Shipping included

Gingerbread House Kit

Everything you need to create your own traditional Gingerbread House!  Our gingerbread is baked fresh from scratch and we provide directions, ingredients to make the icing, as well as candy to decorate.

$32.00  Shipping included

1 Dozen Christmas Cut Out Cookies
Delicious Christmas Cut Out Cookies that are made from scratch, hand cut, and decorated.  Each cookie is approx 3" - 4". 
Your cookies will arrive ready to serve on a clear or silver tray.

$36.00       Shipping included

Your Traditional Cookie Tray will have an assortment of cookies including Spritz, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, M&M Cookies, Russian Tea Cakes, Thumbprints, and White Chocolate Toffees.  Packaged on a silver tray with clear lid.

Your Deluxe Cookie and Pastry Tray will include an assortment of Chocolate Dipped butter Logs, Pecan Tarts, Nut Kifli, Raspberry Kifli, Blondie Brownies, Raspberry Creams, White Chocolate Toffees, and Russian Tea Cakes.

Traditional Cookie Tray

         25 Deluxe Tray               Serves 8 -10 people

                               $31.00       Shipping included

1 Dozen Gingerbread Boys and Girls.
These large (approx 5" in size) gingerbread boys and girls are made from scratch, hand cut and decorated!  They will arrive ready to serve, packaged on a silver tray. 
If you would like to customize your gingerbread kids with names,  write the names and whether they are a boy or girl in the special instructions field of your order.Type your paragraph here.

$27.00         Shipping  included