At our retail bakery ,Reeves Cake Shop,  our philosophy is that every cake should taste as good as it looks.  We take that philosophy for our online bakery. At ShipACake  we bake all of our cakes fresh from scratch using quality ingredients and recipes that are tried and true.  Each cake is baked and packaged for shipping  upon order. 

White Buttercream Fondant                    Chocolate Fudge Fondant

                    Cake  Flavors


Cake Icing

Cake Flavors & fillings

White                                         -       All fillings

Red-velvet Chocolate      -    cream cheese, red raspberry, strawberry Bavarian creme

Dark Chocolate                    -     peanut butter, red raspberry, chocolate mouse cherry, oreo mint.

Banana                                        -    Pineapple, Bavarian crème, cream cheese, strawberry 

Hummingbird                          -  Cream Cheese  

Carrot                                          -  Cream Cheese

Lemon                                          -  Raspberry, Lemon

Almond                                        -  Raspberry, Strawberry

              White                                                                    Red-Velvet Chocolate

              Dark Chocolate                                               Banana

              Carrot                                                                    Lemon

              Hummingbird                                                    Almond

              Pumpkin                                                                Spice

              Gluten-free white                                           Gluten-free Chocolate


Cake Fillings

Here are some of our favorite combinations of cake flavors and popular fillings

Strawberry                        Cherry                                    Red Raspberry

Lemon                                  Pineapple                              Bavarian Crème

Apple                                    Cream Cheese                   Chocolate Mousse

Peanut Butter                  Oreo Mint                            Mandarin Orange